Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl In Hitler’s Germany

Ingrid Garner—The Fountain – Portage Place

Brilliant! This is a reprise and if you didn’t get to love this last time, now’s your chance. The respectful buzz from fellow performers had me anticipating this work. This true story told by the granddaughter of the real Eleanor is perfection!

The title is the plot. The ever-changing black and white photos in the background really added to the depth of this experience. We could see and hear the terrifying events our young heroine was subjected to. The similarities with the images, and the atrocities perpetually perpetrated during war, that we are now seeing from Ukraine needed not be voiced. That these crimes and injustices actually happened to her family, made Ingrid’s exquisite tale all the more biting and tragic.

Not a single flaw. Whether you love history and/or appreciate great theatre, this is the show that delivers.

Lisa Campbell