From Fringe 2018

Death – A Romantic Comedy

Rob Gee—Planetarium Auditorium

I’ve seen all of Rob’s previous shows and always enjoy the way he incorporates his spoken word style into the plays he writes. This was a premiere of a brand new show, so it wasn’t quite as practiced as some of his other work in the past, but that didn’t take away too much from the performance. It is essentially a comedic love story focusing on a half-dozen or so characters (of a few different age groups) played out with scenes from the perspectives of the various characters. This is interspersed with little monologues about ageing, death, love, life, and hangovers as well as the back stories of each of the characters.

There are a lot of keen insights in all the monologues and many very funny moments that had the audience laughing. A great show.

Murray Hunter