From Fringe 2018

Darwin vs Rednecks

Stewart Huff—Creative Manitoba

I was told by fellow Fringe Performer Rob Gee to go see this ‘Merican…and in this Trump era history, sure glad I finished the nite with this comedian. He tells it like it is, coming from down south in Kentucky touring on boat cruises and now Fringe festivals, where he concludes it is right for his humorous look at particular lifestyles. He felt refreshed to be in nice leftist country (Canada) for a while, and shared his stories of rednecks and the human entailment of how we as a society can be so good or bad at the same time. He finished with a wonderful childhood story he read about on one of his tours, it left me holding my gut, and remembering what it was like to be a child. A very funny ‘Merican.

Kevin Campbell