From Fringe 2018

Cubicle Jockeys

8Box—The Cinematheque

As a former call centre employee I was curious. As an audience member I was disappointed. Never before have I walked into a show and seen the performers going through technical cues 20 minutes before it was set to start. There were attempts at humor from what could easily have been a one man show, but in all honesty the funniest parts were from a volunteer in the back playing a couple extra roles over a mic. Despite the frequent slogs through uninteresting and sometimes even tedious dialogue, the play still fell nearly 20 minutes short of its 75 minute time slot, which was perhaps a blessing. Our leading man spent more than enough times trying to signal the technicians to increase the volume of recordings, which again I have never seen. Perhaps they missed the tech, perhaps there was an unforseen conflict, and if so I sympathize, but the quality of this show (or lack there of) was unacceptable.

Arden Pruden