From Fringe 2018

Carmen and Don Jose: A Tale of Love and Murder

Stories Alive—Centennial Concert Hall – Rehearsal Hall

What a pleasure to see the multi-talented Melanie Gall have a handsome partner to bounce her wonderful vocals off off! A nice change. I have been a fan and have seen her wonderful work, even her Kids Fringe shows, since she started gracing our city many years ago. It’s not a real Fringe if you don’t catch Melanie! But only if you like superb opera singing by a beautiful young woman who can really act.

When I explain to people why the Fringe is so special, this is a perfect example. Melanie is a trained opera singer who has played Lincoln Center, Royal Albert Hall, and Carnegie Hall. We get to see her for twelve, measly bucks! We get two wonderful singers and a great story at a level of professionalism that would cost you eighty or more anywhere else!

Melanie charms and teases the gorgeous Eden Ball in his dashing leading role, in this mix of the classic opera and and bits of the novella Carmen was based on. The story is strong and tragic, as this has no happy ending (spoiler alert if you don’t know the opera Carmen). Carmen oozes seduction, as she wins the undying love of the hero, and a matador on the side. That gal knew how to have fun, until she didn’t. The steam that Melanie exudes had me falling in love with her and I’m straight! This magnificent pair has the audience in the palms of their hands throughout. The costuming is delightful, by the way. Gall will amaze you with her operatic acrobatics, as she holds a long, pure note for an impossible length of time that had the audience gasping. This show is among the very best here and as the week progresses, she will be selling out as she always does. So get there soon.

She can also be seen in her other stellar show here “ Big in Sudan”.

Lisa Campbell