From Fringe 2018

Banana Man

Snowflake Productions—Pantages Studio

This three-hander features Buster Keaton and Samuel Beckett enjoying a meal while discussing an upcoming project. Throughout the night their Waitress tries again and again to figure out who her customers are. The play was well acted. The comedic timing was undeniable from both the Waitress and Buster Keaton. They both got some solid chuckles out of a 11pm crowd. While the straight man (Samuel Beckett) was quite reserved, the actor did a good job playing his part with some thoughtful and committed lines. The three had great connections with each other and they were completely in the zone the whole show. This created some beautiful moments, especially between the Waitress and Buster Keaton at the end. There was very little movement in the piece which made the quiet moments feel a little too long. There were also quite a few long stretches of silence peppered throughout that made the play drag. I also found it was rather uncomfortable watching the young waitress be hit on by the much older Keaton. Interesting concept that fell a little flat. If you have the time and money its a decent filler show.

Kaitlyn Kriss