From Fringe 2018

A Nightmare On East Hastings: A Comedy.

Bessie Jean Productions—PLATFORM Centre

Bill Pats has a lot of fans, literally there are several fans at this much un-cool venue.
That being said, Mr. Pats proceeds to tell us about his big move to Vancouver and how he ended up doing something other than what he went there for, which was to pursue an acting career. He tells disturbing yet funny stories of being a building superintendent in the raciest, scariest, part of Canada. The people he had to deal with, homeless, penniless, drug depended characters…real people that we as a society look the other way at most of the time. Bill does not paint a pretty picture, though he still shared humorous situations put upon himself and the other human beings he deals with in this shoe box real estate existence. Bill chokes a couple times, making me feel he wrote this from the heart.

Wonderful thought provoking but humorous play.

Kevin Campbell