From Fringe 2018

A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s

Red Light Letter Productions—John Hirsch Mainstage

Something this good can be remounted after enough years; and it has been long enough for it to be fresh. Fringers in the know won’t miss a chance to see Fringe God, T.J. Dawe. He is just a masterful storyteller mixing intelligence, humour, timing and his youthful, humble manner just adds to his appeal. He has the base of his show relating his menial job experience at a one star British holiday resort; but sidetracks to share other hilarious and eerie misadventures. He is the master at what he does and is always a must-see. He is also just an all-round sweet guy and a gentleman in real life. When I was turned around in the dark at the Cabaret, he insisted on escorting me right to the door of the ladies, even though he was performing. Just a sweetie!

Lisa Campbell