From Fringe 2018

6 Guitars

Chase Padgett—PTE – Mainstage

Back with his sold-out hit, Chase cannot fail to delight. He masterfully plays six different musicians, each with their own distinct style of music. Thus the title. He apologizes for not bringing us the new shows he planned as he was recovering from a heart attack he had in March while working a cruise.

I was most blown away by how he managed to replicate the Spanish classical style always played on an acoustic guitar on his electric one. But it’s hard to choose a favorite. He moves seamlessly from one character and style into another, always distinct, different and true to each performer. The personas are real, engaging and heartwarming in their own right. This shows checks the right boxes as both an entertaining musical performance and a play with a totally engaging story. The 90 minutes fly by, leaving you sad it’s over so soon. You would be six kinds of a fool to miss it.

Lisa Campbell