From Fringe 2018

421 Is Dead: A Stormtrooper’s Story

Leaf Productions—The King’s Head Pub

I wished I was dead numerous times during this thing. If you want to see two adults playing with milk crates and going “beep beep”, go ahead. The fact that these two thought this was ready to go on tour from Victoria shows lack of judgement. If I had paid, I would have asked for my money back. Charles Ross has a well-earned reputation from his popular one man Star Wars shows but this doesn’t cut it for me. There were numerous people in Star Wars T-shirts in the crowd. But even they weren’t so wowed when I talked to them after the show; and other non fans were just as befuddled as I was as to what we had just seen. With all the wonderful choices this Fringe, why would you subject yourself to this? The program promises a plot that was not delivered. They will do well because of the popular venue and Charlie’s rep, but save yourself and beam up to something else.

Lisa Campbell