The Murky Place

Subscatter Productions—The Rachel Browne Theatre

Three discrete segments comprise this dance performance. The first starts a bit slowly but after it reaches full throttle, the movement looks beautifully stunning. It also feels spooky and eerie as it develops.

The second segment depicts the struggle of our mind against enslavement: restraints and constraints of technology, demands, society and our own bodies. The spectacular grace and agility keeps the water enchanted.

The final segment continues the theme, although the feel completely veers into a different direction. This segment is beyond description, so I won’t even try.

The intro is so subdued, the sounds of the air vents drown out the speaker—I hope they project better for future performances because it is very hard to hear.

Ray Yuen

Subscatter Productions

The Murky Place—The Rachel Browne Theatre

“The best parts of an acid trip.”


Audiences are raving about The Murky Place at Venue 8. Come watch 3 artists from across Canada do a dive deep into psychological territories through sonic exploration and subconscious unravelling. Kayla performs a wacky-but-poignant solo in a raincoat, Oriah has modified recordings of her grandparents’ voices, and our invited collaborator Alex Elliott shares the dark origins of an Icelandic lullaby.

Bring friends! ASL interpretation at every show.