Labours of Love

Art by Dave Pruden

We are into the start of week two of Fringe and have over 75 reviews for over 70 shows already posted. We can always use more, so if you have seen a show we haven’t covered yet, or have a different opinion on one of the shows we did cover send us your review.

For the Love of the Shows—After seeing Al LaFrance’s great show “Is This Yours?” where near the end he talks about finding things you are passionate about and following through with them, I was thinking that is one of the reasons I love the Fringe. Seeing so many performers, volunteers, staff, and audience members who have a passion for the Fringe and the different ways it gives each group an outlet to put that passion to work for the benefit of all.

Jenny Awards—As we are about halfway through this years Fringe it is time to remind you about our year end wrap party, the fabulous Jenny Awards. They will be held on the last night of the Fringe (July 24th) at our accessible new venue Across the Board Game Cafe on the corner of Bannatyne and Main. Doors will open at 9:30 pm and the show will start around 10 pm.

Murray Hunter

And on a Related Note a Word From Our Review Coordinator Ray Yuen—As a reviewer, I like to sit in the back where I can get a panoramic view of the set and see everything that happens. In this mostly-empty theatre today, I see another person sit at the back alone. The notebook comes out and I suspect it’s another reviewer. With quite a bit of time before the show commences, we chat a bit. They share a thought that we’re roped into doing this and how glad they will be when this is all over.

So here is the biggest difference between us at the Jenny and mainstream media. We at the Jenny are all volunteers. We are here because we want to be. No one pays us to jam as many shows in as we can, so the paper can cover as many shows as possible, as quickly as possible. We give our time because we love the arts and we want to see it thrive. We love the actors and we want to see them succeed.

Our reviews are genuine, written by genuine people who attend shows just like any other lovers of the arts would. I am not a sportswriter who’s doubling up because they need all hands on deck. I’m not watching this show and thinking in the front of my mind, “I should be covering the Bomber game.” I am exactly where I should be. I love being here—and I want to share some of that love with you.

Ray Yuen