We are now officially halfway through this year’s Fringe. Whether you consider the glass to be half-full or half-empty depends on your experience so far and what you may be looking forward to seeing over the next 6 days. Here at the Jenny things have been going very well. We have over 105 shows reviewed so far, with at least 15 getting multiple reviews. This is thanks to the hard work of our crew of reviewers (Ray, Lisa, Josh, Arden, Kaitlyn and myself) and the awesome contributions from the public (Adam, Audra, Jeff, Kevin, Kim, Konrad, Lloyd, Paul, Raven, and Sharon). Please keep them coming, we want to try and get every show covered. Thanks again also to Dave Pruden for the always awesome cartoons to improve the look of this homepage.

Art by Dave Pruden

Jarvis Avenue Warehouse Fire—As many of you have probably heard, early on Monday there was a huge fire at a warehouse on Jarvis Avenue which was home to many local artists. The warehouse was reduced to rubble taking with it many studios and many lifetimes of artwork and projects that were being stored there. For those that want to help with this staggering loss, a GoFundMe page has been setup for the artists by Border Crossings magazine. There are also a few benefits currently planned, one at the Park Theatre Friday August 2nd, and another at the Albert on Saturday August 3rd.

Well, that will be it for today, I’m off for another day at the Fringe.

Murray Hunter