Graham Clark’s Quiz Show

Laugh Gallery—Comedy at Wee Johnny’s

Graham’s Clarke’s take on a game show is a fresh concept. He has taken only the very best aspects of all your favourite game shows and your favourite local comedians to bring you your new favourite quiz show. Each show features original segments. Segments consist of a loose idea followed by some google images. If you and your friends enjoyed laughing at stupid pictures on the internet this is the show for you. This show forced the two comedian guests to think on their feet as they both raced to come up with the funniest punch line for the picture. This shows success relies on how ‘on’ the guests are. If the comedians are having an off night the show would probably be a flop. Luckily my guests were hilarious and had me belly laughing. Definitely worth a watch if you want a some sweet puns and cutting one liners.

Kaitlyn Kriss