Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower

Gallant and Bold—Rio – Portage Place

Come along with British ex-pat, the charming Maggie Gallant from Austin, Texas, as she shares the strange, yet character building quirkiness of her childhood with rather unusual, to say the least, parenting. A hint of what’s to come occurs when asked what time she was born, her mum responds ”How should I know? I wasn’t there.”. That leads to some sleuthing on the part of young Maggie, who discovers- her parents are not her biological parents!

This leads to an intriguing tale, as due to the stigma of adoption in those days, little was revealed about birth parents. At the time, prevailing thought was this was best. So Maggie develops the parents of her imagination, especially her most certainly romantic and dashing French Papa.

But this is not to be, and we share in the joys and disappointments, as the truth is slowly revealed. A most entertaining, humorous and enjoyable ride; and you even get free bonbons!

Lisa Campbell