GoodSide Productions—Red River College – Roblin Centre

Susan Freedman tells it like it is. She is a lady in her 70’s with a biting humour and grace. Loaded with an arsenal of stories from her past she weaves a story about coming to terms with ones age. With an amazing attitude and an incredible amount of sass, she is now who I strive to be in my coming years.

I loved her ‘take no crap’ attitude. I came into this thinking at 25 the material would be literally beyond my years, boring, and slow. She was anything but those three things. I found the concept of coming to terms with death relatable, she was hysterical, and she had snappy fast paced dialogue. I never would have gone to this show normally but I’m glad I did! She epitomizes this years mantra of ‘take a chance’. Shes a seasoned pro who knows what she’s doing and you won’t be sad you saw this piece. Definitely a hidden gem of the fest.

Kaitlyn Kriss