Things We (never) Learned in Sex Ed
by Lindsay Spear, Phoebe Thompson & Michael Phillips
Portal Theatre - Monmouth, OR
V.5 - Son of Warehouse 
Let’s Talk About Sex, Maybe? Or, maybe not? After having radically different experiences with Sex Ed, Lindsay and Phoebe try to figure out exactly what they were supposed to learn, why they didn’t and where they go from here! A fun, sometimes silly, sometimes serious look at all the things they wish they’d known before the Big Event. When it would have been…you know…useful. From the company who brought you No Belles (5 STARS – Edmonton Sun, Broadway Baby, The StarPhoenix) and 73 Seconds (4½ STARS – Winnipeg Free Press).

Lindsay Spear, Phoebe Thompson

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Coarse language, sexual content

Thu July 18 5:00 PM
Sat July 20 6:30 PM
Sun July 21 9:45 PM
Tue July 23 3:15 PM
Thu July 25 7:00 PM
Fri July 26 12:00 PM
Sat July 27 10:45 PM

Things We (never) Learned in Sex Ed

Portal Theatre—Son of Warehouse

A broad (comedic) remedial lesson for all the Sex Ed lessons you missed by virtue of poor or generally misinformed public education. Simultaneously hilarious and informative, the show manages to balance musical comedy with very serious sexual issues, namely sexual assault and consent. Well worth the watch, even if you think your Sex Ed was superb.

Josh Fidelak