The World’s Fattest Contortionist Presents: “The 5 Star Revue ”
by Matt Alaeddine
sideshowcomic - Edmonton, AB
V.10 - Planetarium 
You won’t believe your eyes! You can’t believe those thighs! The 5 Star Revue is a deep-fried platter of entertainment. Fatt Matt’s hilarious banter and massive stage presence make him a crowd favourite across the globe. Step on up and sit right down – THE FUNNEST FLEXIBILITY YOU WILL EVER SEE. The world's fattest contortionist is more then bends. He's a multi-discipline performer who has toured with The Jim Rose Circus, among others, and featured in advertisements and TV shows including The Tonight Show, Gong Show and Canada’s Got Talent.

Fatt Matt

Show Info:
45 Mins
Tickets: $12
$10 Weekday matinees, Fringe performers


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Coarse language

Thu July 18 2:00 PM
Fri July 19 10:15 PM
Sun July 21 4:45 PM
Tue July 23 12:00 PM
Wed July 24 8:30 PM
Thu July 25 12:00 PM
Fri July 26 3:15 PM
Sat July 27 7:15 PM

The World’s Fattest Contortionist Presents: “The 5 Star Revue ”


If you’ve got it- flaunt it, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. I will say however this show is best seen late at night, and at least 5 drinks deep. I saw it sober, so his raunchy, South Park style humour didn’t hit me the way I think he intended. It’s less contortion and more standup, unfortunately the standup can be a bit rambling, and he lost me more than once. If your ideal humour is the low hanging fruit, I would highly recommend this show. If not, have a few drinks and it will be.

Arden Pruden