The War of 1812
by Wes Borg & Paul Mather
Morgan Cranny - Victoria, BC
V.21 - MTYP - Mainstage 
5 STARS "Funny and fresh...Tears of laughter" - Toronto Sun. Last year's sold-out sensation is back! From producer Mike Delamont and the writers of Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie comes the funniest history lesson of a lifetime! A young boy hates Canada until the ghost of Pierre Burton appears in his classroom and takes him on a tour of Canadian history, from the tennis ball battlefields of York to a Laura Secord mega-musical, all in a Birchbark Time Canoe! Starring Fringe superstars Wes Borg, Morgan Cranny, Rod Peter Jr. and Mike Delamont.

Mike Delamont, Morgan Cranny, Rod Peter Jr, and Wes Borg

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Mild language, smoke or fog

Wed July 17 8:15 PM
Thu July 18 9:15 PM
Fri July 19 7:30 PM
Sat July 20 9:30 PM
Sun July 21 9:30 PM
Mon July 22 9:15 PM
Tue July 23 7:30 PM
Wed July 24 9:30 PM
Thu July 25 7:30 PM
Fri July 26 9:15 PM
Sat July 27 9:45 PM
Sun July 28 8:15 PM

The War of 1812

Morgan Cranny—MTYP – Mainstage

This is reprisal of last year’s hit, with new bits, so don’t hesitate to see it a second time, as I did. There is plenty new to entertain. You just can’t lose with the veteran, mega talented cast of Wes Borg (3 Dead Trolls), Mike Delamont (God is a Scottish Dead Queen), Morgan Cranny, and Rod Peter Jr. Under the premise of Pierre Burton endeavoring to educate grade 8 student Wes as to why he should be proud to be Canadian, much sweaty, silly, musical hilarity ensues. Non-stop action with an anything goes attitude, multimedia, improv on the fly, and rollicking, musical fun. Delamont, as a coy, huge, horny Laura Secord was a favorite of mine. This is going to be selling out again, so do what you need to do to treat yourself.

Lisa Campbell