The Ghost Project
Created & Performed by Karie Richards
Karie Richards - Toronto, ON
V.5 - Son of Warehouse 
When a person dies does it really mean they no longer exist? Thirteen mysterious experiences. Thirteen compelling characters. Directed by Jeff Culbert. Music by John Sheard. An intriguing exploration about life, and what may come after. "Wonderfully acted, thoughtful one-woman show featuring verbatim accounts of encounters with the spirit world. A must-see.” - Kevin Kindred, Halifax Fringe "An engaging piece that is deeply moving at times, very funny at others, and always expertly performed by Richards.” - The Coast, Halifax

Show Info:
75 Mins
Tickets: $12
$10 Students, Seniors, Fringe Performers



No warnings

Accessibility: English as a new language, Low Vision / Blind
Fri July 19 12:00 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Sat July 20 10:00 PM
Sun July 21 6:00 PM
Tue July 23 5:00 PM
Wed July 24 12:00 PM
Thu July 25 2:00 PM
Fri July 26 11:00 PM
Sat July 27 8:45 PM

The Ghost Project

Karie Richards—Son of Warehouse

Karie is an immediately engaging performer, who slips easily between characters. The show itself is subdued, with each character having their own distinct but not distracting costume piece. She never exaggerates the characters, and gives them exactly the respect they deserve. At its core this show is for people who believe in ghosts, but even so those who don’t will be entertained by her storytelling ability. And the soundtrack was groovy too.

Arden Pruden

The Ghost Project

Karie Richards—Son of Warehouse

The performer in this a one-hander adroitly and eloquently presents multiple characters sharing ghostly encounters. Though very well done, two or three fewer stories would have made it sharper. During the show, I kept thinking about all the stories Techs have told about ghosts in the Warehouse Theatre (and the Son of, particularly the scary things that happen on the stairs up to it…) So if you believe in ghosts: go hear about other people who do too, in a haunted theatre.

Audra Lesosky