Terms & Conditions

Bossy Flyer—PTE – Colin Jackson Studio

Two people who are unexpectedly thrown together as roommates must learn to live together in a small apartment in this comedy featuring the acrobatic duo of Cynthia Price and Taylor Casas (who also appear in Flight). Their acrobatic abilities add a different dimension that isn’t usually seen in a comedy like this, and it really takes the slap-stick up a notch. It also makes the various battles that ensue really amazing as they flip and balance and spin around each other. Very well done!

I appreciated that they let the audience know before the show that in a few movements where they will be doing taller balancing that they would be done in specific spots in the otherwise low ceiling venue.

Murray Hunter

Bossy Flyer

TERMS & CONDITIONS—PTE – Colin Jackson Studio

You want funny? You want amazing? You want roommates who can’t get along?! We’ve got you covered! Terms & Conditions is our acrobatic take on The Odd Couple! With high-flying acro, silly prat falls, and passive aggressive double takes, T&C is your remedy for… well, we’re not quite sure. But people tell us they have a good time.

Winner 2018 San Diego Fringe Outstanding Physical Arts Award! Lots of critics say we’re impressive, come see for yourself. Bring a roomie.