Stéphanie Morin Robert: BLACK EYE (a live comedy album recording)

Stephanie Morin-Robert Performance Society—PTE – Mainstage

Bienvenue chez nous, Stéphanie!

Total package for me! A dirty, witty, boundary pushing woman is always appreciated! Stéphanie is one half of the Fringe famous Merkin Sisters, whose shimmying, hairy images can never be erased from my favorite Fringe scenes in memory. Her former partner in puppetry is conveniently putting on Epidermis Circus next door.
Well, while she alludes that everything may not be ‘fact’; you can’t make up the situation of her performing at a glass eye salesperson conference, since she has one. Yes, while it’s unfortunately fact that she lost one eye due to retinal cancer at age two and a half; it certainly provides plenty of fodder as she shares her tale of Fringe romance, and not so romantic “he came in every hole I’ve got.” tales. I loved every word of the show, from childbirth (black eye explained there) to the life of being married to a fellow fringe performer (check out James and Jamesey in the same venue).

I loved hearing the weird sound of the audience gasping, choking, and chortling, all at the same time. You will too. One of my faves so far.

Lisa Campbell