Scattered Seeds
Kolja Company - Winnipeg, MB
V.3 - The Clock Tower - Portage Place 
After successful shows in California and Winnipeg, Greg Evans brings his one-man play, Scattered Seeds, to the Fringe. Scattered Seeds is a tale of perseverance as Greg chronicles his experiences growing up amidst the chaos of mental health and illness that led to his own issues with substance abuse.

Achingly honest, at times hilarious, this solo musical storytelling takes the audience on a journey from helplessness to redemption.

ASL Interepretation offered on July 13th and July 15th.

Show Info:
60 Minutes


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Coarse language, Themes of addiction

Wed July 13 9:45 PM
Fri July 15 11:00 AM
Sat July 16 6:15 PM
Sun July 17 2:30 PM
Tue July 19 4:15 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Wed July 20 8:15 PM
Thu July 21 9:45 PM
Sat July 23 1:00 PM
Sun July 24 11:00 AM

Scattered Seeds

Kolja Company—The Clock Tower – Portage Place

This coming-of-age adventure comes complete with catchy tunes and a riveting story that ranges from charming to heart-breaking. The description in the guide tells you everything you need to know about the show so I won’t be repetitive.

Ray Yuen