Created & performed by Aidan Zeglinski
Son of Kimmy Zee - Winnipeg, MB
V.24 - Platform Centre 
Quirky (adjective) - characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits. From the son of the creator of MIDDLEhood comes a mostly-true retelling of young Zeglinski’s autistic life. A hilarious and heartwarming one-man show featuring mammoths, an elusive salamander, first kisses and schoolyard bullies! “You were so charismatic and FUNNY. You got so many great laughs, not just from the script, but from your ability to listen and react in a funny, deadpan way. I was so proud of you!” - Sam Mullins, creator of Tinfoil Dinosaur (5 STARS)

Aidan Zeglinski

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12
$10 Students, Kids (12 & Under)


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Mild language, Bullying

Accessibility: Low vision / blind
Thu July 18 8:45 PM
Fri July 19 7:00 PM
Sat July 20 8:45 PM
Sun July 21 7:00 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Mon July 22 8:45 PM
Tue July 23 7:00 PM
Wed July 24 8:45 PM
Thu July 25 7:00 PM
Fri July 26 8:45 PM
Sat July 27 7:00 PM


Son of Kimmy Zee—Platform Centre

Aidan Zeglinski shares the story of his autistic childhood with wit galore. Like a masterful stand up comedian with skill beyond his years, he delivers each beat of the story with the perfect mix of heart and humour. Extremely honest and relatable for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. The soul crushing effects of when the school banned Pokemon cards, how beyblades brought out the worst in everyone and that awkward first teenage kiss are relived as if you are there seeing it happen all over again. I can’t wait to see what else the future holds for this talented young performer. Word is travelling that this is a show worth seeing to the extent that the 40 person venue is selling out quickly.

Adam Kirk


Son of Kimmy Zee—Platform Centre

This outstanding one-man show (sold out tonight) is deliriously brilliant, side-splittingly funny, engaging, well written, and utterly captivating. [My ribs are still aching from laughing so hard]. Making his Fringe debut and holding his audience with ease, Zeglinski delivers a solid comic (yet well-balanced, tenderly tragic) performance – tonight, to an enthusiastic full house. Devouring his compassionate tackling of the struggles and hysterically awkward maturation moments that arise, and have arisen, from Zeglinski’s young lived experiences with Asperger’s, he very much earned his audience’s standing ovation.

Raven Heck

Son of Kimmy Zee

Quirky—Platform Centre

Winner of the Western Financial Inspirational Scholarship, Quirky was born of Sick + Twisted Theatre’s 2018 Lame Is: A Disability Cabaret and is now making its Fringe debut!

Don’t miss Quirky, a nothing-like-Rain-Man AUtobiographical glimpse of kid-and-teen-dom, on the AUsome AUtism spectrum!

Direction and dramaturgy by Scott Douglas

Additional dramaturgy by Trish Cooper