Written and Performed by Ellie Caslake
Geritheatrics Theatre Productions - Winnipeg, MB
V.4 - Rio - Portage Place 
“The generation that fought hardest to come out, is going back in… to survive.” - Gen Silent - LGBTQ2S+ aging documentary. Winner of 2019 Winnipeg Fringe Festival New Play Contest

Ellie Caslake

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12
$10 Weekday Matinees, Seniors



Warnings: Mild Language, Sexual Content

Thu July 18 3:30 PM
Sat July 20 5:00 PM
Sun July 21 9:00 PM
Tue July 23 12:00 PM
Thu July 25 5:15 PM
Fri July 26 8:15 PM
Sat July 27 7:00 PM


Geritheatrics Theatre Productions—Rio – Portage Place

Wow. Just when you think that our society has made good progress towards human rights and equality, you sadly discover that what’s supposedly on paper doesn’t relate to reality. The show starts off a bit
slow but be prepared for a firm punch in the emotional gut.

I’m an Ally, and I learned a lot. Everyone, please see this important show.

Ray Yuen