From Fringe 2018


Lady Brain Creative Co.—Pantages Studio

Liz just had the worst day of her life, Hazel the meter maid just had Liz’s car towed. Together they have a lot more in common than they think. Exploring loss and disappointment, this play explores what happens when you don’t succeed, where do you go next when your plans fail, and finding your place in the life.

Beautifully acted, the actors hooked me in right from the get go. I laughed a lot but the play moved me. I resonated with both characters so strongly. I feel this would be true for others at the same stage of life as me (recently graduated or in college still). I have said so many of the plays lines myself and I’m sure others feel he same way.

The only critique I have would be that the actress playing Hazel and Liz’s sister tended to act the same for both characters. I wish there had a been a little more differentiation between the two characters she played. I understand however that this is hard when the character is only in a three minute scene. I feel with a little more polish and tweaking that this can easily be achieved.

This play is a hidden gem of the festival and deserves to be seen by bigger houses. Do yourself a favor and get your tickets now.

Kaitlyn Kriss