Palabra Flamenco: Fox Woman
by Palabra Flamenco
Palabra Flamenco - Victoria, BC
V.12 - Asper Centre for Theatre and Film (U of W) 
A lonely hunter meets a mysterious and powerful fox woman. Before the West cultivated hatred of the wild, there was a love affair. Flamenco artists, dancer Denise Yeo and guitarist Gareth Owen retell this Siberian myth through hypnotic and improvised speech and rhythm. “There’s virtuosity to burn… Owen plays like he has a hundred fingers… Let it wash over you.” - The Georgia Strait “Yeo is a spitfire, uncontainable in her passionate delivery, staccato feet blurring in ferocious movement." - Janis La Couvée, theatre reviewer

Gareth Owen, Denise Yeo

Show Info:
45 Mins
Tickets: $12
$10 Fringe performers



No warnings

Accessibility: English as a new language
Thu July 18 7:00 PM
Sat July 20 12:00 PM
Sun July 21 11:00 PM
Mon July 22 5:15 PM
Tue July 23 9:15 PM
Wed July 24 3:45 PM
Fri July 26 11:00 PM
Sat July 27 1:45 PM

Palabra Flamenco: Fox Woman

Palabra Flamenco—Asper Centre for Theatre and Film (U of W)


This show is unlike anything I’ve seen before since I began attending & performing in Fringe 30 years ago. The weaving of storytelling with Flamenco is a perfect marriage.

Don’t miss this one.

Kim Zeglinski

Palabra Flamenco

Palabra Flamenco: Fox Woman—Asper Centre for Theatre and Film (U of W)

A lonely hunter returns to his hut to find a powerful creature, part woman and part fox, cooking stew. She turns, and says, “I will be the woman of this hut.” A mercurial love affair ignites. But what happens when we accommodate too much? When the domestic and the wild are uneasy together? And when someone we love becomes violent, do we recognize it? Do we leave? Palabra Flamenco: Fox Woman is magnetic storytelling and passionate flamenco dance and guitar.