Operatic Panic Attack
Written and Performed by TJ Dawe
TJ Dawe - Vancouver, BC
V.9 - School of Contemporary Dancers 
Fringe fave TJ Dawe (A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s, Roller Coaster, Medicine, Marathon, The Slipknot, Labrador and many others) tells about being a theatre student, sexual anxiety and discovering beautiful music. "A master monologist" - Toronto Star "A flawless performer" - Charleston City Paper "Dawe has storytelling down to a fine art" - Vancouver Sun "A natural and prodigious gift for storytelling" - Montreal Gazette This is TJ's 16th Winnipeg Fringe, and 115th Fringe overall.

TJ Dawe

Show Info:
75 Mins
Tickets: $12



Warnings: Coarse Language, Sexual Content

Accessibility: Low Vision / Blind
Thu July 18 5:00 PM
Fri July 19 10:45 PM
Sun July 21 7:15 PM
Tue July 23 12:00 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Wed July 24 9:00 PM
Thu July 25 12:00 PM
Fri July 26 9:00 PM
Sat July 27 6:45 PM

Operatic Panic Attack

TJ Dawe—School of Contemporary Dancers

If you don’t see T.J. during the Fringe, you really aren’t doing it right! Known as the Fringe God, this absolute sweetheart of a man manages to stay humble, human and oh-so-engaging. His fame is entirely deserved; and he is the hardest working person on the Fringe circuit, with his hands on many other shows as well.

This new show introduces some new anxieties, musicians, experiences and interests. Who would of thought he had a love of opera? He is so popular because he is so human, so relatable; managing to sincerely make you feel what he feels. His story telling talent is monumental. He was in tears as he bared his soul, his weaknesses, his triumphs and his failures in relationships, Theatre and life. If you only see one show during the Fringe, I would suggest this with confidence. Enjoy!

Lisa Campbell