Nashville Hurricane
by Chase Padgett & Jay Hopkins
Chase Padgett - Orlando, FL
V.16 - PTE - Mainstage 
A curious tale of Finger Picking Fury. Chase Padgett (6 Guitars, Lucky Break) brings to life a manager, a mother, a mentor and a guitar prodigy, as each shares their side of the rise, demise and resurrection of the best damn guitar player you've never heard of... the Nashville Hurricane. Filled with lots of laughs, dramatic turns and incredible guitar music.
5 STARS - CBC & Winnipeg Free Press
"Don't let this blow by without you." - Edmonton Journal

Chase Padgett

Show Info:
75 Minutes

Parental Guidance

Coarse Language

Wed July 19 7:15 PM
Thu July 20 4:30 PM
Fri July 21 4:30 PM
Sat July 22 2:45 PM
Sun July 23 8:45 PM
Thu July 27 7:00 PM
Fri July 28 8:45 PM
Sat July 29 4:30 PM
Sun July 30 7:00 PM

Nashville Hurricane

Chase Padgett—PTE – Mainstage

Chase Padgett returns with this reprise to delight his faithful fans. The audience was full of those just wanting more of this rare combination of masterful guitarist and winning storyteller. He’s changed it up enough to not be repetitive if you’ve seen this one before. But no one really cares. Winnipeg adores him with good reason. His folksy, warm interactions with the audience just make us love him more. He weaves a few different tales together, all interesting and intriguing, while effectively intertwining his warm, rich guitar playing. Opening night was deservedly packed; and I can’t imagine anyone not being completely delighted with this stellar show.

Lisa Campbell