Movie Musicals
Move The S Productions - Winnipeg, MB
V.1 - John Hirsch Mainstage 
Ever wonder what your favourite movie would look like as a musical? If The Terminator had a show-stopping ballad or Fight Club featured a dazzling, yet aggressive, tap break?

Movie Musicals adapts nine popular movies into hilarious parody songs. From The Wizard of Oz to Frozen, come see classics take the stage in ways you’ll never expect. Packed with laughs and nostalgia, Movie Musicals is a wild and captivating show you don’t want to miss!

Show Info:
60 Minutes



Warnings: Coarse language

Thu July 14 6:30 PM
Sat July 16 1:15 PM
Sun July 17 11:00 AM
Tue July 19 6:30 PM
Wed July 20 10:15 PM
Fri July 22 11:00 AM
Sat July 23 3:00 PM
Sun July 24 8:30 PM

Movie Musicals

Move The S Productions—John Hirsch Mainstage

Oh gees, I wish I could have heard it. I missed half the gags because I couldn’t hear the words. Tip for the actors: face the audience when you sing, or even speak. You have good to great singing voices but you’re not opera singers. MTC Mainstage is a big theatre and your voices do not carry well, especially for those of us near the back.

It’s quite ironic since you laid out and often reiterated Rule #6: Project your voices!

I love to hammer Winnipeg, because frankly, I hate this city. Many people tell me to move—yeah, I’m working on it. When this troupe hammered this city with their excellent song, the crowd loved it; so did I. That was my favourite song of the show.

They delivered lots of catchy tunes, the kind that you expect from Broadway musicals (you know the sound). The costumes and props need some adjustment, but that’s what you expect from opening night. Actors: if you’re telling me to look at your buttholes, your buttholes should not move down to your knees!

To the tall guy in the third row from the back, just left of centre, who saw this show on Thursday, July 14
at 6:30 p.m.: when the announcement before the show starts says “turn your phones off,” they mean TURN YOUR GOD DAMN PHONE OFF! They do not mean silence it and look at it every 10 minutes. The glare from your phone is VERY annoying, especially for those sitting behind and beside you. If what’s on your phone is so entertaining, what are you doing here? Just get out and play with your phone—don’t ruin the experience for everyone else.