Meagre Joys
Project Pigeon - Winnipeg, MB
V.15 - Comedy at Wee Johnny's 
Individually wrapped candies, board game chatter, crossing things off a list: no joy is too meagre, no minutiae too minute.

We invite you to indulge yourself in the comedic exploration of the small contentment that life offers. Enjoy 45 individual minutes, one after the other, consecutively, filled with sketches, jokes, whimsy and delight. Come, sit in a luxurious bar, located beneath another bar. Enjoy a beverage if that's your pleasure. Splurge on a resplendent napkin - they are free. Partake in the Meagre Joys.

Show Info:
45 Minutes


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Mild language, sexual content

Wed July 13 5:30 PM
Thu July 14 7:00 PM
Fri July 15 8:30 PM
Sat July 16 10:00 PM
Sun July 17 5:30 PM
Mon July 18 7:00 PM
Tue July 19 8:30 PM
Wed July 20 10:00 PM
Thu July 21 5:30 PM
Fri July 22 7:00 PM
Sat July 23 8:30 PM
Sun July 24 1:30 PM

Meagre Joys

Project Pigeon—Comedy at Wee Johnny’s

This skit comedy show sees strong manic energy backing an array of absurd situations, ranging from the beleaguered red lobster choir to arts and crafts gone murderously wrong. The skits themselves range in terms of strength and polish, but due to the quick turnover there’s hardly time to dwell on any missteps. Short and sweet, the jokes and comedic beats are tightly packed, and for anyone wanting a reason to head in for Wee Johnny’s comedy offerings this is sure to please.

Josh Fidelak