List of People I’ve Killed (A Love Story)

PMF Productions—Planetarium

Kelm is a fair musician and the folksy tunes range from sombre to top-tapping catchy. Alas, she is not as good an orator as she is a musician and she struggled through a number of transitions. On opening night, okay, but by the sixth show, I expect the delivery to be silk smooth.

As for the show, I don’t buy it. I’m a Data Analyst (Statistician) by profession and I eat numbers for breakfast. I can make numbers dance and sing to tell any story I want them to tell. That’s what happened here. You twist numbers around enough and you can fabricate any link or connection you want. As a scientist, I can tell you with certainty that there’s no causation between Kelm’s actions and the deaths of any famous people, and despite her posits, there’s no correlative proof either. Sorry Kelm, but you did not kill any of those people.

The segment about abortion? For sure. What happened down south is an unmitigated travesty to humankind. Everything you said is spot-on, 100%, but is it appropriate for your show? It just seems to stick out like a PSA in the middle of a Bob Dylan concert. Wait! I just brought up Dylan’s name—I hope I didn’t kill him!

If you’re coming for a relaxing time, listening to some good tunes—excellent. If you’re coming for a compelling story about how Whitney Houston, George Michael or Spock died? Nah.

Ray Yuen