James & Jamesy: Right This Way
Alastair Knowles - Vancouver, BC
V.16 - PTE - Mainstage 
Outlandishly funny psychological gymnastics from the distinguished minds of the CANADIAN COMEDY AWARD, 3-Time London IMPRESARIO AWARD, and 24-time BEST-of-FEST winners. James & Jamesy focus their compassionate comedic brilliance on the echo systems of memory as they teeter on the threshold between resistance and revelation.

Past reviews…
5 STARS, “Maestros at making theatre magic.” (CBC)
5 STARS, “Full-out belly laughs all the way through.” (WFP)

J&J’s O Christmas Tea: A British Comedy at CENTENNIAL CONCERT HALL, Dec 30. 20%-off code: FRINGE

James & Jamesy

Show Info:
60 Minutes



Warnings: Strobe lights, smoke or fog

Wed July 13 5:30 PM
Thu July 14 10:30 PM
Fri July 15 6:15 PM
Sat July 16 8:30 PM
Sun July 17 4:00 PM
Mon July 18 5:45 PM
Tue July 19 8:45 PM
Wed July 20 4:00 PM
Thu July 21 6:15 PM
Fri July 22 4:00 PM
Sat July 23 6:00 PM
Sun July 24 8:30 PM

James & Jamesy: Right This Way

Alastair Knowles—PTE – Mainstage

This duo is well- beloved by Peg Fringers, as was evidenced by the very warm response to this new work; at a very late slot. They are known for their wildly popular, sellout ‘2 for Tea’. If you loved them in the past, you won’t want to miss this new show. And if you can avoid thinking “We come from France. .”, you are younger than me.

These two love and care about their work, and it shows. The pair’s outfits were so creative, and especially brilliant under fluorescent lighting. I’m not a clown fan, which I guess is my loss here. It being opening night of a new production, I feel this will only improve rapidly in the hands of these consummate pros. Grab a coupon for 20% off their Xmas productions of ‘O Christmas Tea’ while you are there.

Lisa Campbell