James & Jamesy in the Dark

James & Jamesy—

Finding new and interesting ways to present a show can be a challenge, and playing with the lighting the way these two do is one of the more original ideas I’ve seen. It must have been a nightmare for the technician. Although, while it’s cute for the first 20 minutes, I found the middle of the show dragged, and then picked right back up in the last half hour. The kids in the audience disagreed, and proved the performers have a very strong instinct when it comes to playing with children. This is a fun one to take the kids to, even if they need a touch of a reminder that this is marketed as family friendly sometimes.

Arden Pruden

James & Jamesy in the Dark

James & Jamesy—PTE – Mainstage

The dynamic duo from the UK are back to shed some light, well, in the dark. This whimsical pair start in the dark, and proceed to playfully use huge headlamps to come into reality, first with themselves then later with the audience. Squeaking, sighing, body contortions, puppet with body parts, there’s nothing these Brits don’t experiment with. Absolutely a joy to watch this kinds of theatre with these inventing characters. Oh, there’s no tea in this one, however you can win a basket of tea in the entrance.

Kevin Campbell