From Fringe 2018

Irena Sendler: Rescuing the Rescuer

Windsor Road Productions—Son of Warehouse

A winning , true story. An accomplished, charming actress. A sell-out.

Libby Skyla of Brooklyn brings us a story that we should have all heard. We all know of Oskar Schlindler of ‘Schindler’s List’ yet Irena rescued more than twice the souls and nobody knows about her. Libby rectifies this wrong in a perfect, stunning performance that shows the best that theatre can be. And the buzz is reflecting this. The only small criticism is the dramatic pauses were way over done putting this piece past its stated running time.

A note: if you have health concerns be aware of the sweatbox this Venue is. Bring your cooling devices, spray bottles and ice packs if you are sensitive to heat, so you can enjoy the performance. Personally, I feel this Venue should be retired.

Lisa Campbell