ImproVision: Meow Chicka Meow Meow
by ImproVision
ImproVision - Winnipeg, MB
V.13 - Duke of Kent Legion 
The Fringe’s dirty little secret is in heat again, celebrating their 20th year of performing short form improv together. Watch as these sex-kittens claw and scratch their way through a purrnographic potpourri of mashed-up and unique games and scenes based on your suggestive suggestions. Now here’s the money shot: $20 from every sold-out show will be donated to Craig Street Cats. 4 STARS “…can take even the most bland audience suggestions and spin gold” - Winnipeg Free Press 5 STARS “…kings of short form improv” - CBC Radio

Alan Mackenzie, Ed Cuddy, George McRobb, Audra Lesosky

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12
$10 Members of the Royal Canadian Legion with valid membership cards


Parental Guidance
Under 18 not admitted

Warnings: Mild Language

Thu July 18 7:30 PM
Fri July 19 10:45 PM
Sat July 20 9:00 PM
Sun July 21 8:45 PM
Mon July 22 7:30 PM
Tue July 23 9:15 PM
Wed July 24 7:30 PM
Thu July 25 9:15 PM
Fri July 26 9:00 PM
Sat July 27 10:45 PM


ImproVision: Meow Chicka Meow Meow—Duke of Kent Legion

To the nice lady George accidentally collided with while playing a sassy dog; we apologize (we know that hurt; you were a real trooper about it). If it makes you feel better, George sprained his foot. Can 3 people perform improv on 5 legs and 2 crutches? We better; $20 from every sold-out performance goes to Craig Street Cats.