I Married the King of the Underworld and My Mom Freaked
by Adi Sara Kreindler
Acts of Grace - Winnipeg, MB
V.1 - John Hirsch Mainstage 
What if your mom is the Earth goddess and she doesn't like your boyfriend? What if the man of your dreams whisks you away to a land of darkness and mildew? It's the Greek myth of Persephone reimagined, featuring a singing three-headed dog, a misunderstood Medusa and a Zeus with an uncanny resemblance to a certain President. Plus, a sparkling original score that hearkens back to classic Broadway. See you in Hades!

Erin-Brie Warwick, David Watson, Elizabeth Rotoff, Sam Plett, Loralie Friesen, Samantha Hutchings, Angelica Reid

Show Info:
75 Mins
Tickets: $12
$10 Weekday Matinees, Students, Seniors, Fringe Performers


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Mild Language

Wed July 17 8:15 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Fri July 19 5:15 PM
Sun July 21 12:45 PM
Mon July 22 2:45 PM
Tue July 23 10:45 PM
Thu July 25 3:45 PM
Sun July 28 6:00 PM

I Married the King of the Underworld and My Mom Freaked

Acts of Grace—John Hirsch Mainstage

I like mythology interpretations and the title and show description sounded like a funny, modern take – and about one-third of it was very clever indeed. The rest was played straight which was much less compelling. Still, there’s a lot of talent here. Would love to see it tightened up and evened out towards the comedic.

Audra Lesosky

I Married the King of the Underworld and My Mom Freaked

Acts of Grace—

This is a retelling of the Persephone story from Greek mythology, and is a very impressive show with a couple of technical issues. It is a new musical, with music, lyrics and book by Adi Sara Kreindler, who also serves as producer and music director.

For this production, the music had a live digital piano accompaniment that was well-amplified. Unfortunately, the voices did not appear to be mic’d and I had a hard time making out everything the cast was singing, although I could hear everyone perfectly during the moments of plain dialogue. Still, it was clear that the music had some beautiful melodies and harmonies and was also very pleasantly sung. I wouldn’t mind having a recorded version of this show, as the cast does an excellent job with excellent material. The other, minor, technical issue was that the stage seemed at points to be inadequately lit, especially near the beginning of the show.

The story is clearly told and has several nice moments. Some of these involve the character of Demeter (played by Elizabeth Rotoff), Persephone’s mother, who is portrayed as an expert negotiator, getting what she needs from the powerful gods Zeus and Hades in order to protect her daughter. Also well-written and acted was the main character, Persephone (Erin-Brie Warsick), who seeks to balance her love for Hades with her own personal needs, as she finally poses the question to him, “How can you make me live in a world with no sky?” Watching this version of this story made me realize for the first time that this myth is maybe not so much an explanation of why winter exists, but a model of how to reconcile personal and relationship needs or partner needs with family of origin needs. Powerful stuff.

Konrad Antony