Horrible Histories: Putrid Pirates and Groovy Greeks

The HamDad Players—Kids Venue (MTYP Mainstage)

History jam packed into an hour presented in sketch form. This cast had a lot of energy. For 10 am I was impressed by the amount of oomph they bring to the material. Lots of the jokes were groaners but I still laughed. Being that this is a kids show I was obviously not the target demographic but I appreciated the energy and pace they brought.

Your older children will love this. Younger ones are going to have a bit of a rougher time. By the end of the play I had trouble hearing what was going on because every child around me was so fidgety and the chairs so squeaky. The play was a little too text heavy for the little ones. A cute take on history with a kid-centric view. Definitely worth bringing older kids to.

Kaitlyn Kriss