Here Together
by Jonathan Mourant
Autonomous Productions - Winnipeg, MB
V.8 - The Rachel Browne Theatre 
Reset. Scene One. An outdoor wedding. Eve and Laura are fighting again, and Gabe and Toby don't know why. This night should be perfect. Reset. Scene one. From the writer/producer of Family Dinner ('18, 4 STARS - CBC) comes Here Together, a surreal exploration of friendship and isolation. Four friends confront the barriers between them while simultaneously creating new ones, and try to answer the question of what brings them together.

Kristina Guevarra, Jack Maier, Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed, Chris Sousa

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12
$10 Students, Fringe Performers


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Coarse Language

Wed July 17 10:00 PM
Fri July 19 12:00 PM
Sat July 20 7:00 PM
Sun July 21 1:45 PM
Mon July 22 12:00 PM
Wed July 24 5:15 PM
Fri July 26 9:15 PM
Sun July 28 3:30 PM

Here Together

Autonomous Productions—The Rachel Browne Theatre

Four friends get together to celebrate at a wedding, but not everything is as it seems. There is plenty of other forces at work rebuilding the facades and walls torn down as they unravel why they maybe are no longer friends. This play is a mix of modern dance and a straight drama. Through an inventive use of movement and lights the play frequently swaps from traditional scenes to internal character monologues. I found that none of the scenes went on too long and that the characters were well fleshed out and relatable. I certainly saw myself in all 4 characters by the end of it. I did find the script to be very confusing. Although all the segments were cool there was a lot going on. This made it difficult to understand exactly what was happening. This was not helped by the lack of an ending. Nothing was wrapped up or truly explained. No one knew it was over and myself and many audience member were hesitant to leave in case there was more. There was also a gag in the show of bleeping an external characters name only to have it never be brought up or revealed. Despite its flaws, it is still definitely worth a see especially for the dance segments.

Kaitlyn Kriss