Gabe Mollica: a Solo Show About Friendship
Gabe Mollica - New York, NY
V.7 - The Cinematheque 
Gabe Mollica started comedy the day after he got cheated on. In the process, he learned a lot about friendship. This is that show.

Show Info:
60 Minutes


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Coarse language, sexual content

Wed July 13 9:45 PM
Fri July 15 4:30 PM
Sat July 16 6:15 PM
Sun July 17 2:45 PM
Tue July 19 12:45 PM
Wed July 20 4:30 PM
Thu July 21 8:15 PM
Fri July 22 10:00 PM
Sun July 24 11:00 AM

Gabe Mollica: a Solo Show About Friendship

Gabe Mollica—The Cinematheque

As the write-up in the guide says, this tale relives Gabe’s relationship trials. Amusing and comical at times, Mollica had a hard time engaging this audience. There were some giggles at the right moments, but I felt a definite disconnect between his tale and the listeners’ emotions.

For me personally, I found “you know” a distraction. It’s not as blaringly obvious as some people who say it after every sentence, but Mollica says it enough where it was an irritation. It wasn’t nails-on-the-blackboard irritating but mosquito-in-the-ear irritating. I know; it’s nit-picky but if you want to tickle the audience, you shouldn’t irritate them.

Ray Yuen