From Fringe 2018

Free Beer and the Pilsner of Azkaban

The Horrible Friends—Duke of Kent Legion

For my first improv show this year, I chose a duo that I had never seen before. Lucky for me they had a quest performer as well which added even more fun to the event. I am a huge improv fan, completely obsessed with Who’s Line is it Anyway, various Drew Carey spinoff shows like Improvaganza at the MGM Grand (check out YouTube!)

The cast of three dove right into a variety of scenes and games, pulling plenty of audience suggestions and were very quick on their feet to weave it all into hilarious scenarios. A fast paced hour flew by with interrogations, baseball bats, questions, crackers, gynecology, 2 minutes (or less) reenactments of other Fringe shows based on guesses, and a large variety of other shenanigans.

This cast works extremely well together to keep the audience involved and keep the laughs going as much as they possibly can. A sign of a great improviser is their ability to take a small bit of an idea and make it into something huge and ideally hilarious. They all did a brilliant job. Who knows what will happen at the next performance!

Calantha Jensen