Field Zoology 201
Shawn O'Hara - Victoria, BC
V.5 - Planetarium 
A follow-up to the award-winning hit comedy Field Zoology 101! Armed with a collection of stories almost as unbelievable as his credentials, infamous Field Zoologist Brad Gooseberry returns from a court-ordered sabbatical to bring you up to date on the newest and most exciting developments in the animal sciences.

4 STARS “Brilliant” - Edmonton Journal

4 STARS “A first-rate comedic talent” - Winnipeg Free Press

“Never stops surprising” - Georgia Straight

“Shawn O’Hara is my new Fringe hero.” - Colin Thomas, Fresh Sheet

Show Info:
60 Minutes


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Coarse language

Wed July 13 9:45 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Fri July 15 11:45 AM
Sat July 16 4:45 PM
Sun July 17 8:15 PM
Tue July 19 2:30 PM
Wed July 20 11:30 AM
Thu July 21 2:45 PM
Fri July 22 6:15 PM
Sat July 23 10:15 PM

Field Zoology 201

Shawn O’Hara—Planetarium

An hour of every fact about animals you could ever hope to know, most of them incorrect but I’m not counting. Split between prepared classroom lecture and audience request for animal facts/combat advice, Shawn O’Hara as the dishonorable professor Gooseberry rarely fails to elicit a laugh. And following his midshow editorial advice for any reviewers in attendance, he did not read the audience supplied question cards in advance.

Josh Fidelak