Dr. Caligari’s Framily Reunion Cabaret

Dr. Caligari’s—Tom Hendry Warehouse

Editor’s Note: The Cabaret was a one-time performance held Tuesday Night

This one time annual treat put on by various performers is always anticipated by Fringe diehards. It’s so wonderful to see the big spirited collaboration by some of our faves; and be treated to a glimpse of those we may have missed, or not been able to catch yet. My highlight was to get to see my beloved Merkin Sisters who didn’t appear together this year except as a special treat at one of Stephanie’s shows. Another highlight was the cast from ‘Are You Lovin’ It’, and their amazing screen puppetry show.

Melanie Gall wowed those who not aware she’s a superb opera singer. Another cool moment was Tymisha Harris and Chase Padgett’s rap duet. Al LaFrance always pleases, Jon Paterson made the show run smoothly. This isn’t meant to be a polished show, but a fun, zany chance for performers to let loose together for a good cause.

Bravo to all the talented, kind performers who gave up their valuable time to entertain us. I’m sorry I can’t name you all!

Lisa Campbell