Best of Luck Endeavours - Winnipeg, MB
V.4 - The Fountain - Portage Place 
An ink-black comedy about the boundaries between work and play.

Emma’s been seeing her coworker Darren. She thinks she’s in love. Her boss thinks she’s in breach of contract. In a series of cordial but increasingly tense conversations, the two negotiate the details of Emma’s interoffice relationship, and face the consequences of shrinking privacy and binding contracts.

"…ferociously funny while being absolutely appalling" - The Daily Telegraph (UK)

"…horribly plausible…a short, sharp shocker” - Guardian (UK)

Stephanie Moroz & Heather Roberts

Show Info:
60 Minutes


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Mild language, sexual content

Thu July 14 9:30 PM
Fri July 15 6:30 PM
Sat July 16 11:30 AM*
*(2 for $12)
Sun July 17 3:15 PM
Wed July 20 2:30 PM
Thu July 21 9:30 PM
Fri July 22 4:45 PM
Sat July 23 1:30 PM


Best of Luck Endeavours—The Fountain – Portage Place

At one time, the department was known as “Personnel.” Then some genius came along and changed it to “Human Resources.” Personnel gives people the attribute of being a “person.” As a human resource, you are exactly what the phrase says you are: a resource. You are another resource among the list of assets within the company; you just happen to be human.

I work in a think tank. I had a colleague who transferred from our department to HR a while back. When I asked him what it was like, he described it like a bicycle wheel. Take the wheel and turn it horizontal. In our department, we were like the stem at the top, with all the spokes as conduits looking down at the rest of the organisation. In HR, it’s the same, except you’re on the bottom side—the asshole looking up at everything.

This play looks at the role of HR, one spoke at a time.

Ray Yuen