Chase Breyer: Part Time Substitute Teacher, Full Time Canadian Super Spy
Written and Performed by Rod Peter Jr.
SNAFU - Victoria, BC
V.17 - PTE - Colin Jackson Studio 
The madcap action-adventures of a Canadian James Bond who's also a substitute teacher. "The most memorable comic performance I’ve seen. A walking cartoon - the BEST PHYSICAL COMEDIAN in town.” - CBC Radio. Cool substitute teacher Chase Breyer is sent to find a missing Canadian spy, only to find out that Canada is in serious danger! “It’s one for the ages." - CBC Radio “HILARIOUS. GENIUS. Operating at a specific juncture of geekdom.” - CBC From one of the creators of 421 Is Dead, Kitt & Jane (5 STARS) and comedian from War of 1812 (5 STARS).

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12



No warnings

Thu July 18 6:00 PM
Fri July 19 4:15 PM
Sat July 20 4:15 PM
Sun July 21 6:00 PM
Mon July 22 6:00 PM
Tue July 23 4:15 PM
Wed July 24 6:00 PM
Thu July 25 10:00 PM
Fri July 26 6:00 PM
Sat July 27 4:15 PM

Chase Breyer: Part Time Substitute Teacher, Full Time Canadian Super Spy

SNAFU—PTE – Colin Jackson Studio

From the talented cast of this year’s War of 1812, comes Chase Breyer and his superb physical comedy. This guy is so lean and lithe, he can carry off wearing 4 suits of clothing without a hint of a bulge. The title is deliberately misleading. His being a substitute teacher has nothing at all to do with the story, and he is a spy, but definitely not a super one.

You come to this to watch and relax, be well amused and laugh. There isn’t really much of a plot, but you don’t need one. You can just sit back, giggle at his amazing agility, silly yet amusing script and chuckle at his clever use of the overhead projector and political digs. If you’ve been seeing a lot of serious shows, this is just the ticket to get some comic relief (and watch him guzzle a lot of Sleemans). This guy definitely rules his stage and you won’t regret the hour well spent with him.

Lisa Campbell