Blueberries Are Assholes
TJ Dawe - Vancouver, BC
V.6 - Tom Hendry Warehouse 
Fringe legend TJ Dawe (Tired Cliches, A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s, Medicine, The Slipknot, Operatic Panic Attack) riffs on food, the English language and the human body.

“This guy’s headed for the stand-up hall of fame” - Georgia Straight
“Dawe can actually make you hurt with laughter” - Montreal Gazette
“A flawless performer” - Charleston City Paper
“Come and see what a real virtuoso can do” - Edmonton Journal

TJ’s been doing the Winnipeg Fringe since before people had e-mail addresses.

Show Info:
60 Minutes


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Coarse language

Wed July 13 8:30 PM
Fri July 15 1:00 PM
Sat July 16 3:00 PM
Sun July 17 6:15 PM
Wed July 20 6:45 PM
Thu July 21 11:00 AM
Fri July 22 10:30 PM
Sun July 24 2:30 PM

Blueberries Are Assholes

TJ Dawe—Tom Hendry Warehouse

It’s always a great bet to give Fringe favorite T.J. an hour of your time. His unique and quirky way of looking at the world is thought-provoking and never boring. He seemed a lot calmer than in the past, but just as engaging. I’ll let you find out why blueberries are evil, while you chuckle along with his roller coaster ride of a show. His message is a great one, “Be curious and life is never mundane!” He’s one of the most respected actors on the Fringe circuit and you should find out why. He tends to sell out; so grab your tix while you can!

Lisa Campbell