An Evening of Magic & Mystery with Ken Sky
Ken Sky - Winnipeg, MB
V.5 - Planetarium 
Winnipeg Fringe welcomes Magic & Mystery with Ken Sky, internationally renowned magician.

Three-time Magician of the Year, Ken has performed in Mexico, Paraguay, Germany, Costa Rica, Las Vegas and Canada.

INCREDIBLE right from the start with a surprising moment. Laugh-out-loud interactive magic and mysteries.

Show Info:
60 Minutes


Parental Guidance

No warnings

Wed July 13 8:00 PM
Thu July 14 2:45 PM
Fri July 15 6:30 PM
Sat July 16 3:00 PM
Tue July 19 9:45 PM
Thu July 21 11:15 AM
Fri July 22 4:30 PM
Sat July 23 11:30 AM

An Evening of Magic & Mystery with Ken Sky

Ken Sky—Planetarium

An act that can boast of a strong globe trotting pedigree, an Evening of Magic and Mystery quickly transitions from Magic trick to joke, most commonly at the expense of the performer’s own accent. Strong crowd work and rapport are the standouts of the show, with some tricks being held for a few moments too long. A crowd pleaser, for anyone seeking exactly what the show says on the tin.

Josh Fidelak