African Folktales with Erik de Waal
Written & Performed by Erik de Waal
YAP Theatre - Cape Town, South Africa
V.30 - Kids Venue: MTYP - Mainstage 
The South African HIT show is back! Half a million kids on five continents can't be wrong. Talking giraffes, zany zebras, galumphing elephants and much more magic. African Folktales come to vibrant life through storytelling, puppetry, physical comedy, and lots and lots of laughs.
5 STARS It's superb. Don't miss it - CBC
5 STARS The man just knows how to tell a story - Winnipeg Free Press
5 STARS A children's show doesn't get much better - Edmonton Journal

Marie Kruger

Show Info:
45 Minutes

Kid Friendly

Sat July 22 3:15 PM
Sun July 23 11:00 AM
Mon July 24 2:30 PM
Tue July 25 11:30 AM
Wed July 26 2:30 PM
Thu July 27 2:15 PM
Fri July 28 11:15 AM
Sat July 29 2:00 PM

African Folktales with Erik de Waal

YAP Theatre—Kids Venue: MTYP – Mainstage

What a magical show this was. Erik is a master story teller who transports you back to being five years old watching theatre for the first time. This year, he retells 2 charming folk tales for audiences young and old alike. Even though this is a Kids Fringe show, I found myself fully invested and sucked in by Erik’s voice and charming sense of humour. Portraying all the characters himself, Erik’s stories are like a warm hug for your soul. A beautiful show, this a great way for anyone to spend an hour.

Kaitlyn Kriss