Aaron Malkin: Dandelion
Written and Performed by Aaron Malkin
Aaron Malkin - Vancouver, BC
V.6 - Tom Hendry Warehouse 
Five-year-old Julian has a marvellous imagination and appetite for wordplay. His dad performs Off-Broadway and is a Canadian Comedy Award winner. This is the story of his dad trying to keep up. With spot-on comedic timing, jaw-dropping physicality and live science experiments, Dandelion touches the soul and stays with you long after the curtains close. Malkin is a 20x Best of Fest winner for his JAMES & JAMESY shows. 5 STARS, 2 for Tea (CBC, WFP) 5 STARS, In the Dark (CBC, London Free Press) 5 STARS, Thunderfoot (WFP, Theatre in London)

Aaron Malkin

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12



Warnings: Mild Language

Accessibility: Hard of hearing / Deaf, English as a new language, Low Vision / Blind
Thu July 18 1:15 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Fri July 19 11:15 PM
Mon July 22 9:45 PM
Tue July 23 1:30 PM
Wed July 24 6:15 PM
Thu July 25 12:15 PM
Fri July 26 2:00 PM
Sat July 27 6:00 PM

Aaron Malkin: Dandelion

Aaron Malkin—Tom Hendry Warehouse

Dad jokes are never funny, unless Malkin tells them—then they’re mildly funny, even chuckle-worthy. Much like the dad jokes, the rest of the show is entertaining and easily embraced. One of the smoother performers around, the show flows effortlessly.

Ray Yuen

Aaron Malkin: Dandelion

Aaron Malkin—Tom Hendry Warehouse

I suspect that this is a show that individual Fringe-goers are either going to like a lot or not at all. Aaron Malkin is half of James and Jamesy of 2 for Tea fame, and here he is again in another solo show. A previous solo show of his, Thunderfoot, from two years ago, was a powerfully dramatic account of the death of his mother through the eyes of himself as a young child. In Dandelion, he again mines his family life, this time with stories of his young son Julian.

For this show, Malkin dresses like a giant dandelion, with a bright yellow blazer, green tie and pants, and white shirt and shoes. He begins by talking about one of his recent James and Jamesy shows at the Regina Fringe Festival that had only six people in the audience. His focus henceforth is what it is like to be the father of a young son. He talks about kid jokes, dad jokes, his son’s fascination with dandelions, his son at a swimming pool not following some rules that I could not quite understand, kids making a mess with food and crayons, and misunderstandings that young children have (for example: the lady is pregnant because she swallowed a watermelon seed).

Malkin has a strong stage presence and is an engaging storyteller. If you are a fan of “cute kids stories” (or a whole bunch of them, one after the other), you will likely enjoy this show; otherwise, …

Konrad Antony

Aaron Malkin

Aaron Malkin: Dandelion—Tom Hendry Warehouse

That James guy from James & Jamesy (Aaron Malkin) is performing a solo comedy about fatherhood. Through physical comedy, story-telling, and stand-up, Malkin shines a light on some of the joys and struggles of parenting a toddler. The show inspires reflection on how we all relate to each other and reminds us that we could all use a little more play and imagination in our lives.