A Glimpse of Sunshine
by The Sunshine Bunch
The Sunshine Bunch - Winnipeg, MB
V.19 - Club 200 
A Glimpse of Sunshine is an exploration of self-discovery by various members of the Sunshine Bunch. The act will feature drag queens, spoken word, dramatic re-enactments and some puppets! The group is made of some of the most interesting and diverse people involved in Winnipeg's queer community! This show is a fundraiser for Sunshine House Winnipeg.

Quinnzarr Zwingerman, Soliel Midownne, Nathan Akan (Feather Queen), Levi Foy (Prairie Sky), Ray Troughton

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12
$10 Students, Seniors, Fringe Performers, Friends of Sunshine House


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Coarse Language, Violent Content, Sexual Content, Nudity

Accessibility: English as a new language
Wed July 17 8:30 PM
Sun July 21 8:30 PM
Mon July 22 8:30 PM
Tue July 23 8:30 PM
Wed July 24 8:30 PM
Thu July 25 8:30 PM
Fri July 26 7:00 PM
Sun July 28 8:30 PM

A Glimpse of Sunshine

The Sunshine Bunch—Club 200

This is a glamourous show full of enthusiasm and energy. The glitz is a visual treat, sparkling through the set and outfits. The songs are loud and movement-evoking; you can’t help but bounce with the dancers/lip synchers. They want you to make noise and I don’t see how you can refuse.

This is a drag show. If you have a phobia about that, it’s not for you…

…and you’re a hater and an asshole.

It’s not close to any other venue—and a bit of a pain in the butt to get out here—but it’s worth it. It’s a fun time, especially if you make it an outing and take in the other show at this venue, A Sunshine

Ray Yuen